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The Chattooga River is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful rivers in the United
States. It runs 57 miles south from Whiteside Mountain in North Carolina and drops on
average 49 ft per mile. The name Chattooga comes from the Native American Cherokee
and means “we crossed here”. The river currently serves as the boundary between the
states of Georgia and South Carolina. In 1974 the Chattooga was designated as a
National Wild and Scenic River which has helped protect the river and its watershed. This
act helped to protect a wonderful corridor of untouched land 1/4 on either side of its
The Chattooga remained relatively unknown to most people until the now famous
Deliverance was filmed here in the early 1970's. Burt Reynolds and Jon Voight stared in
the movie whose scenes were filmed on the Chattooga, as well as the nearby Chauga and
Today the Chattooga has a reputation for beauty, as well as, excitement on the river.
levels Section II is a mostly flat-water paddle with several class II shoals, as well as, one
expert boaters only, is a Class IV run with several class V rapids. Hiking, camping and
fishing activities can be enjoyed on nearly all stretches of river.
Wild and Scenic
Chattooga River.

Photo Left:
Section III - the Narrows.