Section II and the West Fork - Full Day Trips

Section II and the West Fork are beautiful five to six mile stretches of moving flat-water, class II shoals
and one class III rapid.  These river adventures are a great introduction to whitewater rafting and a great
way to relax.  Family friendly fun is appropriate for 5 years old and up.   Sit back and enjoy the fantastic
scenery of these upper sections of river, as well as on the scenic drive.

Section II & West Fork - River Trip Requirements and Expectations

West Fork and 28 River Access is only a short carry
Section II Take-out at Earls Ford requires a 1/4 mile hike
Identification of the takeout is MANDETORY for those not familiar with the river.
West Fork and Section II Trips
CWO Home
Chattooga River Resort and Campground, LLC
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  Section II - 28 Putin
with Car Drop at
Earls Ford
Section II - 28 Putin
with Prearranged
Pick-up at Earls Ford
Earls Ford to
Sandy Ford
River Float Float Times (Varies with water
levels, scouting and number of stops)
3 - 5 hours
3 - 5 hours
2 - 4 hours
Average time needed from shop arrival until
6 - 7 hours
6 - 7 hours
5 - 6 hours
Trip Meeting Time
9:45 am
By appt. only
By appt. only